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Retirement Savings Calculator
Use this calculator to determine whether your current retirement
savings plan will be sufficient to meet your longer term needs.
Your Current Position
Your Age Now: years
Current Yearly Income: per annum
Current Retirement Contributions: % of income
Current Retirement Savings:  
Your Retirement Plans
Expected Retirement Age: years
% of Pre-Retirement Income Needed:  
Income Needed Until Age: years
Inflation Rate: per annum
Income Growth Rate: per annum
Pre-Retirement Investment Return: per annum
Post-Retirement Investment Return: per annum
Click on the "View Report" link for more specific results.
Note: Taxation and social security implications are not taken into acccount.
Professional advice as to your specific circumstances is recommended.
The graph below illustrates the growth and depletion of your retirement of your retirement savings based on the data you entered.


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